Facilitator Network

The KY Person-Centered Planning Facilitator Network is comprised of individuals who been trained in one or more Person-Centered Planning processes and have facilitated teams as part of their job, on an independent contract basis for pay, or both. These individuals have “rated” their skill level based primarily on their experience as a facilitator. They all have extensive backgrounds in working with people with disabilities and their families as well as in locating and developing resources to help people live full and meaningful lives in the community.

People interested in having someone facilitate a team on their behalf need to understand the following:

  1. Person-Centered Planning is most helpful when people are ready for a change.
  2. Developing a small team of people who are committed to being involved in addition to the person who is the focus of the planning is essential to its being productive and successful.
  3. A facilitator is responsible for organizing the planning process.
  4. The focus person and his/her family or allies are responsible for:
    1. Providing homes information in the development of the profile
    2. Plan the initial meeting, including location, invitations, guest list, and hospitality
    3. Follow-up activities generated in the process
    4. Having funding for the facilitator or working with the facilitator to obtain funding if this is outside the facilitator’s employment purview

Currently in Kentucky, there are two possible public funding sources, which require prior approval. Consumers of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Office for the Blind who are Deaf @ Risk, Deaf Blind or receiving Supported Employment Services may be able to qualify for funding for a facilitator. The individual would have to first be a client of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation for the Office for the Blind. Contact www.ovr.ky.gov or www.blind.ky.gov for additional information on their services.

The Hart- Supported Living program, which requires an application and is due April 1st of each year, is a possible funding source. The attached document provides additional information describing the program as well as contact information at the regional level.

If you would like to explore having a trained individual faciltate a person-centered planning team for you, please contact any of the people listed below directly. Or, contact Carolyn Wheeler, at carolynb.wheeler@uky.edu, who will assist you in identifying a facilitator and developing a funding strategy for their services.


NameLocationTelephoneE-mail Address
Brame, DorothyBowling Green, KY 800-222-1215Dorothy.Brame@ky.gov
Carr, Steven Louisville, KY 502-235-5100 steven.carr02@gmail.com
Chesser, NancyLexington, KY859-420-4161nechesser@insightbb.com
Friend, Janis Frankfort, KY 859-421-6242 JKFriend575@aol.com
Gardner, Karen Somerset, KY 270-469-1236 KGardner@tri-generations.org
Hall, MeadaLexington, KY 859-285-0389Meada.Hall@uky.edu
Harrison, BethLexington, KY 859-519-7375b.harrison@uky.edu
Haynes, Diane Lexington, KY 502-777-6235 Diane.Haynes@uky.edu
Kays, Whitney Louisville, KY 502-408-9500 whitney.m.kays@gmail.com
Markle, ElizabethBowling Green, KY   270-782-8268   Elizabeth.Markle@gmail.com
Marksberry, LeAnn   Bowling Green, KY   Leann.Marksberry@grrec.ky.gov
Nicholson, Ellen Manchester, KY 606-813-1777 solutionsbyellen@gmail.com
Scott, Tina Danville, KY 859-559-9695 tinamarie1192@yahoo.com
Wheeler, CarolynLexington, KY859-492-7971 carolynb.wheeler@uky.edu